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Hi, My name is David or ‘Goldie' to my friends.

I am a full time online marketer and Bitcoin Mining Software enthusiast, who, in the past six months (March – August 2017) made a clear profit in excess of £35,000 via bitcoin trading alone.

However, Bitcoin trading is a very time consuming process and requires full time commitment to be successful … therefore …

There had to be another way, I joined several ICO's (initial coin offerings) but they lost a load of money when they came onto the trading markets, so, eventually, there was only one thing left to do … create our own eco-system, where everyone can benefit and more importantly have a real world philanthropic purpose …

We have now created several real-use platforms for online entities to benefit from our expertize and experience … these include crypto currency exchanges, crypto mining pools, referral opportunities, online e-commerce platforms, exclusive social network platform and much, much more …

Welcome To The Bitcoin Dragonz Brixcoin Community.

I hope to see you on the inside …

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Top Tips On How to Earn Bitcoins

Currencies around the world seem to be all over the place, and the fact is that traditional currencies may have had their day. If you are a regular in currency trading or even if you are not, you may be worrying a bit. You do have cause for concern if you only focus on foreign exchange trading, and the best idea  could be to focus your attention elsewhere. Earning Bitcoins 7 the bitcoin mining software mentioned above may provide you with the perfect answer. Although this is what is known as a cryptocurrency, it is the only currency which has achieved a regular income for its customers since it was launched. Perhaps it is about time you got on board, and started to earn Bitcoins. Of course, before you can make your mind up if earning Bitcoin is for you, there are a few questions that you may like to have the answers to.

Can I Make Money with Bitcoin?

The simple answer is making money with Bitcoin is A LOT easier than making money with any other currency in today's market. Some buyers of Bitcoin, have developed some fantastic strategies for obtaining Bitcoin, and have made a lot of money from their Bitcoin mining software. Think about it this way. When the Euro was first launched, anybody who converted their hard earned Pound Sterling earnings, would have achieved an exchange rate of Euros 1.65 to  £1. It was the golden chance to make money from your saved up Pound Sterling. Now, it is time to make some serious money from mining & trading in Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Really That Different from Other Global Currencies?

What is so different about Bitcoin? Nothing is very different about Bitcoin. In fact, you can ask yourself why you are even asking the question. Would you hesitate to buy gold if it was cheap enough? Of course, you would not hesitate to buy gold, and the two concepts are not that far apart. Just like with gold, you can gain more Bitcoin without actually “laying your hands on it”. Bitcoin and commodities trading have a lot in common. Some buyers even argue that Bitcoin IS a commodity.

When Did Obtaining Bitcoin First Become Popular?

It is hard to say when Bitcoin first became popular, but many saw the opportunity of Bitcoin straight away. Today, there are about 5.7 million users of Bitcoin in the world. Potentially the number could be limitless, but with only 5.7 million users, there is plenty of room to still get in on the ground floor of what is known as Bitcoin mining.

How To Earn With Bitcoin Mining

There are a number of ways out there to mine Bitcoin, but many of the systems need monitoring all of the time just like ordinary trading systems. However, there is a system out there which allows you to earn Bitcoins with no experience necessary. It may sound to good to be true, but those who have tried and tested the bitcoin mining software, says it is one of the best currency platforms online.

What Are The Advantages of Bitcoin Mining Software

Have you ever tried using a traditional foreign exchange or currency trading system online? If you have, you will know that the majority of them do not offer daily payouts or may cost a lot in fees. As a matter of fact, being a regular currency trader can be very expensive, and you are subject to a bunch of fees and commissions. If you sit down and analyze the advantages of Bitcoin mining software, you will find that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. You don't need to have any experience, and worrying about what affects the currency on a day to day basis, is not something you have to do with Bitcoin. But that does not mean you can't create your own Bitcoin trading strategy. Most experienced Bitcoin enthusiasts, are happy to give you advice, and for many ‘bitcoiners', developing their own personal strategy works well.

How Much Money Can I Make with Bitcoin?

Getting in on the ground floor will help you to start making money as soon as possible. However, if you are looking for specific figures, you will be able to see a return on your capital of 0.75% to 1.25% daily. Hanging on to your Bitcoin trading will undoubtedly give you a better capital return. The best idea is to follow the advice of regular and experienced Bitcoin traders.

Best Way to Earn Bitcoin

If Bitcoin is such a good idea, why don't the global financial houses make the most of it? The fact is that financial houses DO use similar sort of automated systems. They have spent big bucks developing, and to be honest, they are probably not so keen to share them with you. After all, when you place your money into various schemes with big banks or financial companies, they are the ones who make the most money out of YOU. Don't for one moment think that all of the profit they make on YOUR money goes into your pocket. In fact, you only get a very small percentage of the money they make. Bitcoin changes all of that. If you like, this automated software is going to become a real “leveler” when it comes to future currency trading. There are already sites online which offer currency trading, but the cost of using them are often excessive, and part of your capital will end up in the pockets of the big financial institutions anyway. Why not be a bit of a rebel, and make your own luck?

How Should I Think of Bitcoin?

In 2009, only a year after the global financial crisis, the members of the G20, started to talk about a global currency. The leaders of the G20 activated the power of the IMF to provide the world with global quantitative easing. When we stop to think about this, the IMF was more or less given freehand to shape the world's financial future, and a global currency is now one of the main aims of the organization. Paul Volcker, former US Federal Reserve Governor, repeated the request for a global currency again in 2014. Since then, we have heard many other business leaders and heads of governments ask for a global currency. What if Bitcoin has beaten all of these governments and organizations to it? When you stop and think about it, you will soon realize that Bitcoin has many of the traits it would take to become a global currency. Thanks to the Internet, more and more people can now access global markets, and a common currency which the entire world shared, would make it even easier for them. But do we need to “create” another global currency? With so much of our lives spent in cyberspace, perhaps the perfect global currency already exists and it is called Bitcoin. It does not matter what Donald Trump says. He may be an isolationist, but it seems that the markets do not recognize this concept anymore. Too many voices are asking for a global currency, and when we examine Bitcoin, perhaps we should look at this cryptocurrency as the one global currency so many voices are asking for. It would fit in perfectly with the way we live, trade  and manage our businesses today! Maybe Bitcoin is the beginning of a New Financial World Order created by people power instead of a so called financial genius.

Earning Bitcoin – Tips For Beginners

If you are seriously interested in becoming a Bitcoin miner / trader, there are a range of options for you to become involved in Bitcoin. The easiest way is to purchase Bitcoins, and place them in what is known as a Bitcoin wallet. As it is such a unique concept, and new idea, not all organizations such as Paypal deal in Bitcoin. There is another reason Paypal does not deal in Bitcoin. Paypal does make a lot of money on fees and exchange rates, and with Bitcoin, Paypal would not be able to do that. When you start paying others in Bitcoin, and in general using the currency, you will find out how cheap this currency is to use. With Bitcoin you are not paying any expensive bank transfer fees or commissions. This is the one currency you can use without having to worry about how much it is going to cost you. Get in touch with an experienced Bitcoin trader, and they will be more than happy to help you. Most of them have in fact got a real passion for this cryptocurrency. Following a trader who has used the system, and made money from it, is the best way forward.

Can You Fake or Counterfeit Bitcoins?

No, you can't fake or counterfeit Bitcoins. Unlike other currencies or commodities, Bitcoin trades are not secret. They can be followed by others, and once you get into trading the currency,  you will find out how to track your own bitcoin and others altcoins. Counterfeit would imply it is an actual printed currency which Bitcoin is not. Today, big financial houses can hide using various trading names and companies, but it is not so easy to hide with Bitcoin, and perhaps this is why so many of us are attracted to the system.

Who Should and Can Earn Bitcoin?

That is a good question! Anybody can obtain Bitcoin, and starting to trade in the currency is surprisingly easy. You can in fact buy Bitcoins and start to trade the same day if you like, and once you are set up, you will find how easy it is. Who should buy Bitcoin? Anybody canbuy Bitcoin after having set up a wallet online, and you don't need to be vetted or pass a trader's exam to work with the currency. For once, you can be your own financial manager and start to take control of your financial future.

How Should I Use My Bitcoin Profits?

Once you have started to make money with Bitcoin, you may want to export any profit to the “real” world. Bitcoins are considered a taxable asset, so it is important to be aware of that. When you withdraw your profits, it could be a good idea to buy them in a scheme which is exempt from tax. This allows you to make the most out of any profit you have made since you became a trader. Some who have made a lot of money from trading, have placed profits in pension schemes or other financial instruments which are not subject to tax or subject to low tax. After all, you are your own trader, and you should perhaps consider how you would like to use your profits before you even start.

Find a Bitcoin Partner Program

Making your money work for you is perhaps one of the most overused phrases in the entire world. However, you do want your money to work for you all of the time, so a program like ours is the ideal solution. As Bitcoin markets are open 24/7, you may want to make the most of them, and that is exactly what this unique piece of software allows you to do. Think of it as your business partner which will work for you even when you are on vacation. When all is said and done, would it not be nice to come home, switch on your computer and find out that you have made money without lifting a finger. Maybe you an afford to put a bit towards your retirement fund and book that other cruise you were just talking about. Just like any other strategy, it is important to remember it is about making a profit, and utilizing the profit in a smart way. That being said, why wait around and allow others to make the profit you could make on YOUR Bitcoin. Earning Bitcoin Online, could be the smartest move you have ever made for your own future.

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