Bitcoin Dragonz Membership

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Market Your Business To The MAX!

Bitcoin Dragonz Membership Includes :

  • 1 on 1 calls with experienced marketers
  • Weekly question and answer sessions
  • Access to developer & lifetime software
  • Shares in cryptocurrency business operations (minimum 2x your membership fee)
  • Access To Our 70+ Website Advertising Network

More Support Than You Can Shake A Stick At!



Bitcoin Dragonz Membership – Marketing YOU & YOUR Business 24/7

1 On 1 Calls With Experienced Marketers & Developers

We provide you access to the core of our membership team … you can discover and discuss any type of marketing method with our experts. eCommerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing & Cryptocurrency Marketing are our specialities. Completely hands-on access to designers and online marketers who have made thousands upon thousands of sales each and every month.

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Weekly Question And Answer Sessions

We congregate as a group each and every week to either go over techniques to improve our marketing abilities OR we hold ‘HOW TO' sessions where a subject is selected and we bring out a total summary of the topic. Our members find these sessions to be both interactive & instructional given that questions are responded to live on the call. We Hope You Join Us Soon …

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Access To Developer & Lifetime Software

Bitcoin Dragonz has direct access to some of the most effective and influential software application licences worldwide. We offer YOU the opportunity to gain access to these great platforms to further boost your marketing capabilities. We are likewise in direct contact with, in our opinion, some of the finest developers of software and platforms across the globe. YOU TOO can meet these real-life individuals as they frequently pop-in on our weekly calls to give wisdom and motivation to all. There is no better location to find out about how software can enhance your marketing capacity other than from the users and designers themselves.

Just 2 of these software licences would set YOU back, as an individual, the equivalent value of $94 / month … we have way more than 2!

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Shares In Cryptocurrency Business Operations

In the shorter description above we basically ensure 2x your month-to-month subscription charge in cryptocurrency value, based on which cryptocurrency we are currently promoting or mining throughout the month. The last payment made to our subscription was in fact 15x their subscription worth in cryptocurrency coins. WE DO NOT ARTIFICIALLY INFLATE ANY CRYPTOCURRENCY, we merely improve them with considerable cryptocurrency marketing campaigns.

We are currently heavily involved with the BRIXCOIN cryptocurrency community and you can read all about it HERE …

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Access To Our 70+ Website Advertising Network

With our MEMBERSHIP Advertising Network, you can enhance any marketing campaign, including but not exclusive to, Local Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Social Network Marketing, Video Marketing & Cryptocurrency Marketing. If you are looking to ‘lift’ your company or product profile, then we have the network to do so.

The Bitcoin Dragonz Network is Worth An Absolute Minimum ~ $175 / Month

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